Monday, January 21, 2013

In 1981, the miniature world talked of mini auctions

In the Fall 1981 issue of  " The Miniature Magazine" an article was written
byCarol Lippert Gray and began the article by writing
 " Auction mania has swept the country."

As I read this article, I knew not only was this blog about old is new again, I realized that in a way, the miniature world also repeats itself. What was important in 1981 antique minis at auction is now important to the Natioetnal Association of Miniature Enthusiasts.
Last week the NAME Estate Auction website went live.Estate items are finding new homes.

In my research and examining miniatures donated to NAME, I have found the below pictures sofa. I need some help in learning
 more about the artisan and am hoping someone in the internet world can tell me more about Bill Reynolds.
The  craftsman ship of the one of a kind sofa and the upholstery work on this sofa is beautiful and there is a matching chair.

On the underside of the sofa one will see:
 Bill Reynolds
15 Dec. 1982

This sofa will be placed on the NAME Estate Auction website soon. In order to bid you must be a member of NAME, be registers as a NAME Online members and registers as an auction bidder.
Need help? Email me!

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